Referral system

Friends Trade Together

Invite friends to Trumblecoin. Send them your referral link. They register by your link and start trading. Now you get a reward of 40% from friend's trade fees.

Trumblecoin Referral Program

What is Trumblecoin Referral Program?
Trumblecoin Referral Program is an opportunity to make money with your friends!
Referral - a member of the affiliate program, registered by the recommendation of another member.
How does the Trumblecoin Referral Program work?
- Tell your friends about us;
- They need to register by your referral link;
- You will receive 40% of the amount of fees paid by them;
- Your trade commission will be 0.1%.
How to become a member of Trumblecoin Referral Program?
Select the “Referral Program” section In your account. Here you can find the information about your referrals (invited users). Your personal referral link is also displayed here.

To invite a new referral, just share this link (by copying it or making a repost in the social media). After your referral registers with your link, information about it will be displayed in the “Details about referrals” section (your referrals).

Congratulations! You have become a member of the Trumblecoin Referral Program. Now you will receive a 40% cashback from the fee paid for each transaction made by your referral!